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Perfect place for business meetings and events.

Finhome offers tailor-made services for its customers. Fihome with its meeting spaces, sauna and grill-house is a great choice for your business-, education- and other meetings and events!

Finhome in Poland - Natural place for business

With a unique location in Zielonka Forest we can arrange business banquets and table meetings for you and your customers. It could be a business lunch or an official training, seminar, team-building meeting or a jubilee event, as well as unique events like cyclical awards or international meetings from culture, science and business circles. You may hold your meetings in a formal way or outdoor in the casual and informal atmosphere with sauna and grill-house. Tea, coffee included, catering on request.


Business meetings

Whether you need to brush up on your existing knowledge or need new information we organize dedicated courses and trainings including open registration courses available at our premises in Kliny and also various courses on demand. In regular cycles we also offer courses free of charge (information regularly updated in our events calendar).


Finhome in Poland - Natural place for meetings

Our premises are suitable for meetings for 2-30 people. Apart from various official meetings we also offer You healthy option of being outside and rise in your Vitamin D levels, your endorphins and overall focus. You can spend some time outdoors using sauna or our grill-house and connect it with the official part of Your day at Finhome.


Finhome in Finland - Natural place for Business, Education, Meetings and Events

Comfort and inspiring spaces, surrounded by nature are more than conference rooms, classrooms or party rooms. The interior of Finhome complex is prepared for multipurpose meetings, trainings and events. Most of furniture can adjust to the individual needs of customer.