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Finhome in Poland - Natural place for meetings

Our premises are suitable for meetings for 2-30 people. Apart from various official meetings we also offer You healthy option of being outside and rise in your Vitamin D levels, your endorphins and overall focus. You can spend some time outdoors using sauna or our grill-house and connect it with the official part of Your day at Finhome.


A whiteboard, pads, pens, flipchartand are included with the meeting room when you book our facility. Our premises have many electrical outlets so you can charge your computer, telephone and plug in additional technology. We also offer free WI-FI when you are staying with us! A projector, which is included in the price?, is mounted in the ceiling of all our premises.

Should You need conference telephones, speakers, microphones, TV, VHS-player, DVD-player, or CD-player… We shall help you to get the technology you require!

  • Meetings and small celebrations up to 30 people
  • Exchange of experience in business, education, cooking, music, art, design, hobbies
  • Cyclic meetings with Finnish interior designers, garden designers, lecturers, experts
  • “SAUNA & GRILL” – pop-up meetings
  • “Meeting Finnish culture” – pop-up happenings
  • Celebrations of Finnish special days: Pikku Joulu, Vappu, Juhannus, Independence Day
  • Gatherings for Finnish families in Poland
  • Meetings with Santa Claus in December
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Finhome in Finland - Natural place for Business, Education, Meetings and Events